Travel Security

Travel Security

Travel security represents an increasingly important and particularly delicate issue in the lives of workers who are required to travel on national and international soil. Whether due to the presence of dangers related to health or personal safety, Applied solutions for travel security provide companies with comprehensive monitoring of their travelers, minimizing possible risks and guaranteeing the traveler valuable information about the country visited and a sense of awareness in knowing that one's safety is in good hands.


Thanks to the collaboration with Omega, a company part of the Applied group, which can boast not only a great experience in monitoring trips to high-risk countries, but above all the 24/7 presence of operators ready to assist travelers in risky situations, Applied is really able to provide  profound skills in the world of travel security and apply them to concretely preserve the safety of its customers.


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In Applied we are strongly convinced that Open Innovation, or the practice of actively seeking innovation outside one's own borders, both corporate and territorial, is one of the most valid methods for innovating, combining technologies and skills that are able to create high value synergies.

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