SkillGate & Digital Knowledge Transfer

Is your company ready to face the Digital Transformation?

SkillGate is the first online platform entirely dedicated to corporate training in Digital Transformation.

SkillGate and the Digital Knowledge Transfer program

Thanks to the Digital Knowledge Transfer program, SkillGate provides all the skills necessary to digitize your company and successfully face the transformative challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.



Why choose SkillGate?

The SkillGate e-learning platform is designed for all companies that feel the urgent need to embrace the new paradigm of the fourth industrial revolution. Applied has responded to this need by creating a true competence compass of the skills needed for digital transformation.

  1. First platform in Italy to acquire and consolidate technical and managerial skills and guide the company towards digital transformation.

  2. Digital Literacy Courses.

  3. Enabling courses divided into Industry 4.0, mindest and IT governance technicians.

  4. Tests on the courses taken to confirm the skills acquired.

  5. Available on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

  6. Advanced interactive learning experience.

  7. Highly specialized Practice Leader teachers.

  8. Courses delivered in partnership with HSPI Spa.

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Manage digital transformation, successfully face the Fourth Industrial Revolution with SkillGate and the Digital Knowledge Transfer program.

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