Digital Marketing - Web dev - Virtual Commissioning

Smart design for B2B websites and virtual commissioning

IMA AUTOMATION, an IMA Group spin-off created to bring together the Group's skills and companies dedicated to industrial automation under a new brand, has set up its website according to a digital logic more common to B2C than to B2B. The aim was to position itself as a leading brand in the assembly market, not only linked to the large company but also independent and free to penetrate new markets other than packaging.

IMA AUTOMATION is the example of how interactive experience and smart design in B2C can find strategic applications in the Web and social channels that are also useful in the world of B2B.

The solutions implemented for the IMA AUTOMATION website, which immediately generated new contacts

Applied’ s Interactive division worked on digital communication modules to offer state-of-the-art technology, with renewed metrics for organising content and gathering contacts, all complemented by social channels optimised in terms of content and performance with high-performance social campaigns tailored to the market and events of the new brand.

Also integrated into the ecosystem is the 'Sensing Future Days' platform, which was developed during the pandemic for virtual events and is now also used to disseminate commercial material and for live or pre-recorded presentations.

Virtual Commissioning as an evolution of R&D processes

Applied's Industrial Innovation division has introduced 'virtual commissioning', which is the simulation in a virtual environment of the operation of a machine, useful to give programmers adequate confirmation for the validation of a certain code of the automatic machine itself (PLC), and a training and coaching tool for maintenance personnel in a realistic virtual environment under safe and optimal conditions.

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