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Enterprise Applications, high tech platforms for integrated enterprise.

Implementation and integration of application platforms to evolve and connect extended enterprises.

Business applications & platforms

Using the Extended Enterprise and application platforms means focusing on integrating your company's different technology solutions and exchanging information with the entire supply chain, both in the cloud and on premise.

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Continuous managed services

We recognise that in today's business world, operational efficiency and data security are crucial to business success. The ongoing management and support of enterprise application systems are critical to ensuring the smooth running of business operations and the achievement of strategic goals.

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Enterprise Technologies, digital transformation and innovation of industry 4.0 technologies

Technological architectures and infrastructures to ensure business continuity and security of information systems.

ICT Consulting

The Enterprise Technologies area provides dedicated consulting for innovative business transformation projects, with application and technology solutions to get the most out of data management and monetisation and of integrated communication with customers and suppliers.

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Continuous managed services

Ongoing services for temporary or fully outsourced management of infrastructure maintenance through preventive, proactive and predictive monitoring of IT systems, applications, networks and clouds to ensure that performance is constantly maintained.

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All the most innovative ICT technologies and architectures you need to improve the performance of networks and infrastructures, to ensure business continuity, to support all processes securely through monitoring tools and services. Cloud, On premise, Hybrid and more: our private cloud hosts your 'core' systems in certified and fully managed environments.

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Industrial Innovation, join the digital transformation!

Products and services for the digital evolution of industrial companies.

AI & Data driven services

Choose Applied Industrial Innovation for consulting in Industrial IOT and the application of artificial intelligence models for industry. Enter the world of connected machines.

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Digital Engineering

Digital transformation is changing the manufacturing sector to smart and data driven. It is about 4.0 technology for machines and plants, which, besides being virtual, become intelligent and take us straight into the fourth industrial revolution. Discover the benefits of virtual and augmented reality for industry: become a protagonist with Applied Industrial Innovation.

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Competence development

The expertise in communication and multimedia content creation of the Interactive area is applied in Industrial Innovation to the industrial sector to respond with our product ecosystem to the needs of smart manufacturing: from traditional e-learning to advanced and specific digital training using virtual and augmented reality technologies.

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Interactive, "Hey, Interactive! What's next?"

Creative-tech division for performance growth of communication and marketing activities.

Marketing Consulting

In an ever-changing world, your company's communication also needs up-to-date marketing strategies and market analysis. This is what we mean by consulting in Applied Interactive: operational and strategic marketing in step with innovation.

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Brand & corporate identity

What drives the purchase of one product over another? What makes the difference is the brand, not just the intrinsic qualities of the object or service. That is why we are the brand identity agency that can build everything around your brand.

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Advertising & design

From each insight comes a concept that defines the development of a design branding campaign, a packaging design project or a communication with POP materials for in-store promotion, at trade fairs and events. A concentration of creativity that is always data-driven at Applied Interactive.

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Digital Marketing

Strategy, planning, management, reporting on the performance of digital campaigns. Our Interactive area deals with all aspects of marketing and digital positioning of B2B and B2C companies with a data-oriented approach.

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Web & App development

Everything changes quickly, especially online. That is why relying on those who have the skills and technologies to make you run faster than change is crucial. Websites, apps, metaverse: we are already there.

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3D & XR development

Extended reality (XR), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3d and VXF: a virtual world that meets the real world to radically transform the consumer experience. And we at Applied Interactive know how to take your business communication beyond the frontiers of traditional digital marketing.

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Video & Spot production Shooting

If you handle the communication of a company or product, you will already know that a corporate video content or commercial is crucial to your strategy. Awareness, trial, click to web or any other objective, with Applied Interactive you can create effective content to achieve it.

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Digital & technology for events

To be successful, an event must be engaging and innovative. Whether physical or digital, hybrid, B2C or B2B, the aim of our proposals is always to create an opportunity for engagement and relationship with the audience, also – and above all - in online virtual events.

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Next, the division of Applied that anticipates the needs of highly innovative enterprises.

Applied’s brands, dedicated to vertical businesses and responding to new and emerging market needs, are born and developed in Next.

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