Continuous managed services

Ongoing services for temporary or fully outsourced management of infrastructure maintenance through preventive, proactive and predictive monitoring of IT systems, applications, networks and clouds to ensure that performance is constantly maintained.

ICT consulting, IT infrastructure management and monitoring

IT infrastructure management: proactive and predictive monitoring

Application management services (AMS) and continuous infrastructure management (IaaS, On Premise and Private Cloud) cannot do without systematic monitoring and control, proactive maintenance and incident management.

This is the 24/7 continuous management service that our ICT consulting company provides for your business.

System and Network Operation Centre. Cyber security under control, 24/7

Thanks to our Network Operation Center (NOC), we offer continuous services for applications, IT infrastructure and corporate cloud networks: automatic but always manned monitoring by a professional who receives an alert and proactively intervenes in the event of unforeseen events.

In addition to monitoring, thanks to the Security Operation Center (SOC), Applied Enterprise Technologies is able to set up monitoring and analysis of abnormal and suspicious behaviour.

The effectiveness of this service is also periodically tested and trained through simulated attacks by ethical hackers.

Our outsourcing and temporary management services for the management of IT infrastructures or corporate IT departments will ensure the continuity of corporate IT management, even in crisis situations.

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Applied Enterprise Technologies' infrastructure maintenance services

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