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Connected Machines & Data driven services

The benefits of AI for the connected machines of Industry 4.0

AI and Machine Learning in the connected industry offer numerous advantages: real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, preventive maintenance and performance control.

Artificial intelligence therefore helps companies optimise efficiency, reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

AI based solutions di Applied Industrial Innovation per il settore industriale

Anomaly Detection - The detection of anomalies through real-time observation of machine operation allows the flow to be analysed and discrepancies to be traced even before they occur.

Predictive Maintenance - Predictive and preventive maintenance allows, following the occurrence of anomalies, maintenance interventions to ensure business continuity.

Collaborative Prognostic - The comparative analysis of data from other businesses in the industry enables the isolation of similarities in the operation of machinery, tracking and addressing any anomalies: predicting, avoiding or resolving them.

Proactive Control Room - Centralised structure for performance monitoring, from the analysis of the production process to the monetisation of after-sales services. Proactivity is provided by integration with AI (artificial intelligence) and the creation of alerts and alarms for preventive maintenance requests.

Software and hardware for production plant management

Our offering begins with a4GATE, un IOT data collector, which collects machine data and sends them to the intelligent data platform.

It continues with a4SENTINEL, the monitoring software for plants and production lines, analyses the data and returns the progress of the plant, potentially from its first day.

Connected Machines and Data Driven Services

Intelligent Data Platform
Anomaly detection
Predictive maintenance
Collaborative prognostic
Proactive Control Room
AI based solutions
IoT Gateway
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