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To be successful, an event must be engaging and innovative. Whether physical or digital, hybrid, B2C or B2B, the aim of our proposals is always to create an opportunity for engagement and relationship with the audience, also – and above all - in online virtual events.

Hybrid Events: technologies for event organisation

Hybrid Events: a meeting between physical and virtual

If you are reading this page it is because you already know that to differentiate yourself from your competitors you need engaging and innovative solutions.

Especially when it comes to organising a hybrid event to get in touch with the customer or managing the company's presence at a trade fair also via virtual events platforms. We know this too and we have creativity and technology to make a difference.

Organising digital or physical events? Hybrid events are the answer

We have extensive experience in the design and realisation of in-person events, and we have pioneered the organisation of virtual events.

Today, we can offer you solutions in which these types are integrated to offer the consumer a unique and memorable experience, and your company the possibility of giving continuity to the event in time and space, reaching a potentially unlimited catchment area.

Thanks to its creative and technological expertise, Applied Interactive can offer you integrated services to organise digital, physical or hybrid events.

The goal? To develop new forms of experience and relationship between brand and audience

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