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People and talent. The best strategy to revolutionise the digital enterprise.

Avant-garde. Solving. Care.

Values are not born and do not grow by themselves: they are nurtured, every day. Applied addresses employees and partners by relying on its expertise, with transparency and an innate creativity in finding new applications for available technologies.



as the ability to make things happen with quality


as knowledge of the situation, context and need


of experience, expertise, culture and ideas


applied creativity through idea generation and solutions



as the ability to transform knowledge into valuable actions


to the speed of change in the environment and the market


towards internal and external needs through a fluid but replicable model


applied for the realisation of sustainable and innovative solutions



for the people with whom we work, collaborate and share: colleagues, customers, suppliers and territory


in vision, in the mission statement, in the presentation of the value proposition, with a view to continuous improvement


in the vision, in the projects that enable the strategy, in continuous improvement, more generally in the desire to make everyone feel part of the project from employees to suppliers and customers


ability and possibility to express authenticity as a value to the growth of the organisation

How to identify innovation makers

Let’s go in order. The ability to relate is the basis that distinguishes us in every area:

among colleagues and with clients, with suppliers and especially with the environment. We are passionate about change and we let expertise drive the transformation

we want to apply to the processes and solutions around us. When you meet a creative person, an engineer, a nerd, a digital addict or anyone who believes in sustainable development through technology...

You will be in front of an innovation maker from Applied. Or someone who should be.

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Open positions

Digital innovation is achieved by taking care of people.

Cultural development

Applied organizes "ASC in Action" workshops dedicated to empowerment and building company culture and values. Contributions from all colleagues generate new ideas!

Digital development

Applied is "Avant-garde": promoting distinctive skills in the digital context, with a wide range of courses on Digital Transformation, taught by practice leaders and beyond.

Professional well-being

Balancing personal and business needs is crucial to achieving goals. Hybrid work promotes flexibility, dynamism and growth through a positive environment of confrontation.

Welcome to Applied

Applied celebrates its diversity with induction processes through the business game. We explore, thus, a fascinating galaxy of people, stories, skills and scenarios. Enjoy the journey!

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Innovation Camp: we cultivate your digital talent

Applied innovation comes above all from the ability to listen to your generation, to be able to identify and shape talent and to enable you to excel with the best tools and technologies available.

We believe in this and if you want to be part of the digital transition with enthusiasm and a desire to grow, you are in the right place!

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