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From each insight comes a concept that defines the development of a design branding campaign, a packaging design project or a communication with POP materials for in-store promotion, at trade fairs and events. A concentration of creativity that is always data-driven at Applied Interactive.

Branding design and data-driven creativity

Visual advertising, POP marketing and packaging design

We analyse the target audience in order to identify the right insight every time: the one that will guide the creativity and - consequently - the development of advertising campaigns on the most suitable channel or the realisation of POP materials and packaging design elements to attract the consumer's attention directly at the moment of purchase.

The significance of visual advertising today, the importance of packaging design and the value of pop communication, whether online advertising or the more classic print page, makes little difference.

Today, it is essential to communicate to the target audience with empathy and sincerity, including through design and creativity, surprising them by anticipating their desires and needs.

Advertising with visual design therefore means establishing the basis for a relationship of trust and attraction between brand and consumer.

When we refer to packaging design, we are talking about the ultimate synthesis of brand identity, immediacy and clarity of information relevant to the target audience, design, sustainability.

Communication with pop marketing materials also has its own rules and specificities: it aims to engage the consumer in a few moments and has the ambition to stimulate purchase - even the unplanned one!

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