Digital solutions for your business

Elevate your company's competitiveness with Applied's best technologies and applications.

Digital Competence, accelerate corporate talent

Thanks to the Skillgate training platform, you can develop your corporate team's skills necessary for digital transformation. 18 up-skilling and re-skilling courses for your team. Original courses from the best practice leaders on the market.

Marketing & Sales, enhance your business

Distinguish your sales and production proposition with Applied's technology solutions. Platforms and digital transformation elements that raise audience engagement rates and improve sales performance.


FLY is the interactive 3D real-time system developed by Applied.

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Stay Connected

Stay connected is the always accessible and connected online platform for an interactive and shared digital experience.

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S-Core is Applied's Sales Content Management application that allows your company to share and archive all useful sales force material in a totally customised way.

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Operations, your know-how is safe

The goal is to strengthen staff capabilities, optimise processes and automate systems with effective solutions to redirect performance and accelerate your business strategy.


a4GATE is the integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations and operator security.

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Buddy is the first digital assistant that enables your company to share information and technical documentation in real time...

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Applied team certifications


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