a4SENTINEL, continuous monitoring

Applied has developed the first data-driven monitoring and analytics platform for industrial plants to automate and speed up the collection of data from the machines artificial intelligence algorithms deploy to gain control over production efficiency.

Independently monitor conditions in real time, wherever you are.

4SENTINEL, makes it possible to automate and speed up the collection of machine data in order to have 360-degree visibility into what is happening in real time. a4SENTINEL reprocesses the data and makes it immediately understandable thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithms employed, thus enabling faster and more appropriate decisions and making production and maintenance operations more efficient.

Increases OEE and improves overall performance

a4SENTINEL enables you to increase OEE and performance management with useful information and gain access to dedicated dashboards for efficiency and data control, allowing you to improve overall performance.

Increase production efficiency, optimize processes and reduce costs. In real time.

a4SENTINEL and Privacy with a4GATE

a4GATE enables seamless connectivity with any machine or production line, ensuring secure data transmission and protecting against potential external breaches. By adopting a4GATE, you can seamlessly collect production data and transmit it through a one-way flow to your cloud infrastructure. Once in the cloud, the data can be efficiently processed and optimized, making it immediately available for use.

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