Competence development

The expertise in communication and multimedia content creation of the Interactive area is applied in Industrial Innovation to the industrial sector to respond with our product ecosystem to the needs of smart manufacturing: from traditional e-learning to advanced and specific digital training using virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Digital skills development

Digital Transformation and Training 4.0

Never before have companies faced a momentum towards innovation.

We at Applied are Innovation Makers and therefore aware of the challenges and opportunities arising from the fourth industrial revolution.

Maintaining one's market positioning becomes crucial during transformation and the watchwords are: digital skills development!

Our training courses will enable you to better manage the changes dictated by digital transformation and the impact it has on work and people.

LMS and E-Learning platforms created for your company

Because new technologies require new skills!

The digital solutions that increasingly characterise the manufacturing environment and the innovation of its processes need just as much technological support. This is why Applied Industrial Innovation is proposing the first training platform on digital transformation for companies:

However, the emergence of new technologies also raises the issue of how training 4.0 works to achieve the benefit inherent in innovation. At Applied, this results in the centrality of the human resource and its competences, the pivot around which the topics chosen for the training proposals of our Competence Development centre revolve.

Training 4.0 - Topics and themes

Applied courses cover a variety of topics such as Cyber Security, IoT - Internet of Things, AI and Machine Learning, Document Management, Big Data, Supply Chain, Augmented and Virtual reality, ERP and more.

These topics are carefully covered within our collection of courses, supporting the understanding and use of the human-machine interface, facilitating the training of corporate human capital: the goal is to increase the cognitive value of the company and its employees.

Our consultancy always starts with a needs analysis, leading to the identification of training gaps and then to the definition of the right path to create new skills (Upskilling) and transform existing ones (Reskilling). In fact, our corporate training courses are tailor-made to enable structured and effective transition programmes and reskilling management, centred and promoted within the company.

In fact, only by working on cultural evolution can the potential of technological evolution be quickly grasped and applied.

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