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The Enterprise Technologies area provides dedicated consulting for innovative business transformation projects, with application and technology solutions to get the most out of data management and monetisation and of integrated communication with customers and suppliers.

Consulting in digital transformation and innovation for integrated industry

Enterprise Technologies: consulting on innovative and digital projects

In order to create an Extended Enterprise with effective digital integration, we start from the analysis of business processes, as without understanding the context, it is ineffective to include technologies for business process management and optimisation.

Digitising a company and managing change through BPM (Business Process Management) means taking advantage of what technologies make available, but even - and consequently - improving business processes by also exchanging information with those outside the company boundaries: the supply chain and customers.

Technology adoption and change management: digital transformation experts at your disposal

Change management is the basis for the technological transformation to Industry 4.0, which is why, together with integrated systems and technology to manage digital adoption in your company, we offer you our consultancy on process analysis.

We are experts in change management and digitisation of business processes, able to support our clients with the right methodology to cope with technological change.

Last but not least, we add our expertise in targeted training and education in the use of integrated software and platforms to introduce new technologies to those who will use them.

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