a4GATE industrial cyber security

a4GATE is the integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations and operator security.

Unidirectional security gateway for the connected industry

The technology enables network designers and architects to build networks with very high levels of security.

Why choose a4GATE?

Operating at the physical layer of communication, on layer 1 of the ISO-OSI stack, there is no way for cyber-attacks to enter the machine network from the outside.

a4GATE also works at layer 2 and 3 of the stack to provide an additional layer of security for the device itself and the information.

The project stems from a hardware component developed in the context of monitoring military or power distribution installations requiring a high level of security, and realised by the Israeli company Terafence Ltd.

This is how a4GATE can guarantee you the highest degree of security.

SECURITY LEVEL REACHED: SL2 based on IEC 62443 standard.

The advantages of a4GATE

The best partnerships for certified security

4GATE consists of internationally patented, military grade hardware designed by Terafence Ltd. and adapted by Applied to the requirements of the industrial smart systems world.

All of this is integrated into an industrial grade architecture of direct Applied production in collaboration with industry partner Atop Technologies.

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