a4SENTINEL, the monitoring and analytics platform for your industrial plant

a4SENTINEL is the monitoring and analytics platform for industrial plants capable of making the customer more aware in the process of monitoring and identifying problems related to their production line, allowing an increase in efficiency and a reduction in downtime.

To better understand a4SENTINEL and its applications, and, above all, the real needs it is capable of satisfying through its analysis and monitoring tools, we analyzed together with Martina Stefanon, Digital Business Development Manager at IMA, which were the main drivers for the development of this instrument and what are the particularities that characterize it.

The main driver for the development of this tool is certainly the search for efficiency on industrial lines. Greater efficiency translates into lower costs and lower costs mean higher margins.

Traditionally, the relative simplicity of identifying the existence of inefficiencies, accompanied by the extreme difficulty of identifying the causes, has required operational efforts and a very high involvement of the human factor in monitoring, but often with poor results.

a4SENTINEL, on the other hand, is able not only to propose both a historical and real-time analysis of the events in the factory, but also to identify the source of these events clearly, providing decision makers with an important tool. In particular, some of the valuable information provided by A4Sentinel data analysis include:

  • List of smart and dynamic actions for the operator to improve efficiency;
  • Statistics on machine data for smart line harmonization;
  • Real average performance for accurate production planning.


These features, combined with the ability to access a4SENTINEL tools even remotely, make the use of the platform particularly flexible.

Finally, as explained by Martina, the study and development of a4SENTINEL is based on the key approach of following a customer-centric logic, thus creating a product that really solves the customer's needs in a concrete way. This last approach requires a detailed study of the customer journey and its stakeholders in the monitoring and data analysis activities.

The result of the in-depth knowledge of the customer's needs is the autonomy that the customer receives from a product like A4Sentiel, opening up the possibility of having the monitoring and advanced analysis of their production processes in their hands.