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Innovation Camp is the Applied initiative dedicated to young people entering the world of work with curiosity and interest.

Do you want to be part of the change?

Innovation Makers make the digital revolution!

At Applied we are convinced that Digital Transformation is an opportunity and whoever seizes it is an Innovation Maker.

We created Innovation Camp to give space to all those young people who clearly see the potential of technology and progress and have a curious and interested approach to novelty and innovation

To those who are already Innovation Makers but have yet to discover it!

I want to be an Innovation Maker

How it works

Team Creation

A team of young innovation makers with complementary skills is created, supported by a project manager and a mentor.

Project Assignment

The team is assigned a project, i.e. the development of a working prototype with clearly identified business purposes.

Project development in the company

The team learns skills and how to use the right tools to complete the project

The actors involved


The place where young innovation makers grow and can be discovered.

Young people

The protagonists of innovation camp.


Organiser and first company ready to give space to young people.

Partner companies

Other companies that decide to seek young talent for their teams through Applied.

Discovering young talent

Innovation Camp:
a project that meets the needs of companies and the territory

Innovation Camp is a project created to support the emerging need for circular development of strategic skills for the region and industry. An innovative process to offer companies the opportunity to remain internationally competitive as well as create a space for young Innovation Makers to develop their skills.

The ultimate goal is to create and nurture a network that, in synergy with all the actors involved, is able to valorise talents, share expertise and accelerate the innovative progress of the companies involved.

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