Web3, Metaverse and NFTs: are they really so closely related?

After hearing about the experiences that Web3.0 enables in your company and office, you too may have gotten an idea of what the Metaverse is all about.

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After hearing about the experiences that Web3.0 enables in your company and office, you too may have gotten an idea of what the Metaverse is all about. Chances are, you've already had some experience with this immersive digital space that connects the social world with the world of gaming. If not, you can learn more about it by reading our article here.

What's that? You want to learn more about the relationship between Web3, Metaverse and NFTs? Well, worry not—our Applied developers are always ready to talk about this topic! We're about to share some interesting ideas with you to help you better understand the possibilities and limitations of the cyberspace where everything seems possible.

The Web3 is the physiological evolution of the way we have approached the World Wide Web. If we try to summarize this path, we can see in the Web1.0 the Read-Only web that we have known since the static websites (the original website in the early days of the web) in the early 90s, with mostly one-sided information and almost no interaction. This is how it was until 2004, when social platforms appeared and allowed users to express their opinions online. The Web2.0 that we live in today was born: a Read-Write Web for which advertising is the main source of revenue.

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What about Web 3.0? Web 3.0 represents the evolution of web utilization and interaction, the first buds of which we see today. The need to decentralize control over data, information and money by the few global tech giants has defined the steps towards a third generation of internet, one with better control over data ownership, assets, and digital identities: the Read-Write-Execute space. Web3 is focused on technological solutions and revolutionizing the Metaverse, which prioritizes culture and the creation of unique digital experiences.

On the Web3, digital resources have a unique value. Each user owns his creation without anyone being able to scratch the authentication certificate derived from the respective NFT. The non-convertible, non-lockable and, above all, non-reproducible token promises its owner not only ownership, but also the exchange currency for life on the Web3.

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The Metaverse, therefore, was born not only as a space for games, entertainment and virtual marketplaces, to offer the user an immersive experience in fantastic landscapes full of other avatars. It is also a form of ownership that is kept free from user control and where everyone has an equal right to participate. Moreover, when using cryptocurrencies for purchases and exchanges, thanks to the certification guaranteed by the NFTs, you can rely on infrastructures that parallel the traditional banking system.

I want to make it clear that these are concepts and developments that have just entered the market and will see major changes in the near future that we need to be prepared for. The monetization opportunities for companies are endless, as are those for users, who can now join brands in intervening in the dynamics of product and service development with unprecedented authority.

If you think it's time to bring your business to Web3, mint an NFT or create an experience in the Metaverse, you have come to the right place. Contact us if you want to know what projects we are developing and, above all, if you want to become a protagonist of the digital transformation together with Applied.