Competence Development

Competence Development

One of the most demanding challenges of the current and near future industrial scenario concerns the issue of reskilling and the development of new skills that enable the application of new digital technologies.

The Competence Development BU places the direct participation of the individual in the digital revolution at the center of its value proposition, offering companies products and services designed on the basis of three key factors for digital development: Innovative Technologies, People, and Value creation.

The offer proposed by Applied is represented by a training catalog aimed at developing skills in the field of digital knowledge, offering ready-to-learn courses created by experts in the digital and technological world made available through a dedicated Applied learning management system platform. This solution includes a detailed path, starting from more general themes of digital literacy, and then progressing towards the acquisition of vertical skills on specific technology and applied sciences, such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and finally towards a digital mindset development.

Applied also offers products and services in the field of smart learning able to support companies in the construction of their own digital academy with high educational value and user experience, thanks to the managerial skills developed in the world of strategic eLearning and in the production of multimedia content intended for this type of use. 


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In Applied we are strongly convinced that Open Innovation, or the practice of actively seeking innovation outside one's own borders, both corporate and territorial, is one of the most valid methods for innovating, combining technologies and skills that are able to create high value synergies.

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