Control room

24/7 Remote Assistance

The Control Room applies ITIL ® methodologies for the management of service delivery processes

Remote assistance with Control room

The Applied Control Room is the monitoring and assistance center offered to our customers who feel the need to ensure the proper performance of those activities that require ongoing attention, which is not always easily obtainable. 

The 24/7 presence of operators inside the Control Room guarantees not only preventive monitoring, but also, if necessary, a timely and effective proactive response. 

In the Connected Machines world, the Applied Control Room plays a fundamental role, transforming the data collected in the field into high-value information.


Descriptive analysis

Diagnostics analysis

Predictive analysis

Process data and HMI / PLC

Physical quantities from the sensor

Raw physical data available in bulk / batch


  1. Monitoring
  2. Alerting
  3. Reporting
  4. Support

Main Benefits

Complete control over company’s digital processes
Complete control over company’s digital processes
Advanced analytics
Advanced analytics
24/7 assistance
24/7 assistance

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