Remote Assistance

Technology solutions for remote assistance

Remote support for production, for immediate response to emergencies.

Remote Assistance

Applied provides a package of tools and solutions for remote assistance at 360 degrees to make your production more efficient and performing.

Through the Quick Kit, Tablet with AR and Hololens 2 tools, a specialized operator will be able to promptly support the resolution of technical problems occurring on the machine, remotely.

It becomes possible, therefore, to structure a more effective remote support, able to solve technical problems, failures, malfunctions and complex operations related to those systems that are not immediately accessible.

Optimal for troubleshooting

Ideal for changeover or operating guidelines

Excellent for system installation


  1. Remote support to the operator on-site in real-time

  2. Immediate response to emergencies

  3. An increase of the technical assistance efficiency

  4. To record/archive solutions found for subsequent use

Remote Assistance solutions



Quick-Kit is the accessible and reliable system to offer audio-video support during remote assistance procedures.

Tablet AR-Ready

Tablet AR-Ready

Tablet AR ready is the dynamic and interactive system that improves Augmented Reality technology to facilitate the operations development.

Hololens 2

Hololens 2

Hololens 2 are the premium option for Augmented Reality applied to Remote Assistance.

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