Remote FAT

Accelerate factory acceptance tests

Reducing costs and simplifying the factory acceptance tests procedures.

Remote FAT

Applied is able to offer the possibility of carrying out the verification procedures of the plant test without the presence of the commissioning technicians on site. 

Through the streaming mode, the customer actively interacts by participating in online webinars equipped with all the most advanced tools. A live connection is activated between the production plants and the customer's technical staff connected remotely, guaranteeing the continuity of operations.

The solutions identified speed up procedures by actively involving customers and save time and investment.

Remote FAT becomes an intelligent and sustainable alternative that simplifies activities and reduces associated costs.


Mobile live directing provides a better performing and interactive remote customer experience with more detailed views.

Streaming platform

A dedicated platform enables a validation process for all documents.

FAT video storage

The entire FAT video will be post-produced for easier use and digital storage.


  1. Live direction with dynamic cameras.

  2. No need to buy any license for the streaming platform.

  3. Direct AV connection and transmission with low delay to ensure transmission stability.

  4. System for sending and sharing documentation in real time.

  5. Recording of the entire AV session (including chat and data exchange) for client archiving.

  6. Recordings in "slow motion" mode, to show a higher degree of detail.

Main Benefits



Testing and validation of the platform with the customer



Customizable on the basis of the required FAT procedures



Fast delivery of FAT without traditional travel costs

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