Industrial Cyber Security

Unidirectional security gateway for connected industry

Cyber Security with a4GATE

a4GATE is a unique and secure solution for controlling LAN Ethernet traffic at ISO / OSI Layers 1. The technology allows network designers and architects to build super-secure networks by providing total hardware isolation and segmantation.

The project led to the selection of a hardware component developed in the context of monitoring military installations or power distribution, which require a high level of security, made by the Israeli Terafence Ltd


a4GATE guarantees the highest level of security. Three independent companies, experts in cyber security, have conducted their own penetration tests certifying the level of security.


based on IEC 62443 standard  

IoT data collector

Collect data from PLC, HMI or sensors.

IoT edge

Send data to external server.

Remote access control

Manage accesses during maintenance.

24/7 control room

Monitor accesses and alerts 24/7.


  1. Air-Gap level of one-way data traffic
  2. Total Traffic Control at ISO OSI Layers-1
  3. ZERO induced latency
  4. Hardware (chip) based Data Flow Control

  5. Complete LAN Traffic Direction Flow Control
  6. Low power consumption
  7. LED indication panel

Main Benefits

Protected data
Protected data
Protected systems
Protected systems
Protected people
Protected people

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